Creative Paintings

Sanjhi Shakti-1 1971
Sanjhi Shakti-2 1971
Sanjhi Shakti-3 1971

Sanjhi Shakti


  • Sanjhi Shakti: In 1970, when he was seriously involved in pursuit of the phenomenon life and death- soul searching and a play of Purusha and Prakriti- the genesis of creative energy, Then, he was invited by Government of Haryana (India), to do an exhibition for them. He traveled around the country side to study folk art- the untouched folk form existed perpetually through out the ages. After long contemplation, he painted about 30 paintings in abstract form utilizing the folk art elements in the total structure of the paintings, which happened to become a landmark in modern art of Haryana State. The exhibition of these painting took place in Chandigarh in 1971. Many of these paintings are in the collection of government of Haryana. Some are still in his personal collection.