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Biography international, Roop Chand
2012 1-05 Dainik Jagran News
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2008 7-7 Dainik Jagran
2008 6 1 Indian Express New Delhi
29 Nov 2003
2007 12-28 Tribune
1999 8-4 Punjab Kesri
2004 11-20 Punjab Kesri
1967 9 14 Nav Bharat Times New Delhi
2004 7 5 The Tribune
2004-07-07 Times of India
1999 Times of India Gurgaon Plus
1999 9-29 Amar Ujala
2004 8-3 HT City Chandigarh
1967 10 29 Illustrated Weekly
1968 2 15 Campus Reporter Chandigarh
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1968 9 29 HT New Delhi
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1982 The Tribune Chandigarh
1986 11 1 Pushpak Times Gurgaon
1988 2-20 HT Live Gurgaon
1992 12 7 Evening News
2003 December 5
2004 8-5 HT Chandigarh Live
2007 October 29
1966 The Tribune Chandigarh

Quotations from Press clips

  • "... his colours are never violent his white red yellow Compositions pulsate with life, the impact on the viewer of his nature studies, the capital's buildings, the figure studies is lasting and inspiring." -The Tribune Ambala 21 August 1965
  • "... In these pictures, the depth of feelings has been depicted in very minute details. The arrangements of colours and lines is spontaneous and natural." -The Nav Bhart Times August, 1965 August
  • "... the genuine man is properly revealed in the two head studies which possess rough feelingsand have a sense of reality... " -The Times of India. 3 Oct. 1965
  • "... he has a flair fror forceful interpretation of human character." -The Stateman 3 oct 1965
  • "Roop Chand appears to delight in delineating on formlessness through horizontal brush strokes trying often to create the vision of the reflection on an invisible sheet of water in the foreground... " -The Hindustan Times 2 oct.1965
  • "Mr. Roop Chand is an artist of talent who has been exhibiting with considerable and regularity sat Chandigarh. There is a refreshing departure in this exhibition... . His "Through Black' is very beautiful. It is a large painting... He likes the excitement of working on large surfaces, done in subtly merging shades of brown and black and white in which both the pattern and texture invite the viewer powerfully to enter into it as it were an explore." -The Tribune 1966
  • "... as a painter of immense sensibility and craftsmanship this young man held our attention for long more forcefully, we can be sure of it, for he has great command over his medium and style - the stroke formation which is his forth." - The Orbit Weekly, Oct. 1967
  • "... He is an artis with explosive possibilities... " - The Illustrated Weekly, 8 Jan 1967
  • "There is refreshing movement in the direction of pathos, Understanding, compassion and courage. It is an emergence of a humanist through black and white." - The Illustrated Weekly, 29 Oct.1967
  • "... he seems to be able to perceive layer in the personalities of his characters and there is pitilessness with which subjects them and their situation to analysis." - The Tribune, 29 August 1967
  • "... the artist is free and transforms his canvas into a sensitive event." - Indian Express, 14 September,1967
  • "... Composition showing man (with a very long neck) and dog is a fine piece expressive work in few form. Gifted young man to be watched with interest." - The Statesman 14 Sept. 1967
  • "... Roop Chand has a gift for powerful interpretation of Human Character." - The Hindu 29 Dec. 1967
  • "Mr. Roop Chand has clean prediction for the abstract manner with distinctive erotic elements for inspiration."The Statesman, 21 Sept. 1968
  • "Roop Chand has gone into the core of technique achieving a kind of perfection." - The Orbit Weekly Sept ,1968
  • "... his forms with needle like edges are competently arranged." - The Times of India 5 Dec. 1968
  • " Sanjhi Shakti: Roop Chand's new Paintings derive their inspiration, choice of motif, forms and even colours from rituals... The thematic significance of the sacred-profane sex symbol apart, the technique itself catches eyes." -The Tribune Jan 1971
  • " Roop Chand's creations in steel done with scrap material assure solidity. The layers of black colour accentuate this fact all the more." - The Dinman 11 July, 1971
  • "Roop Chand's search by no means seems to be over. And this is healthy sign: for behind seach lies energy and it is the energy which keeps his art moving the way it does." - The Tribune 1978
  • "Roop Chand, in a slight variation upon his theme of tantric diagrams presented the concept of Karmayoga through converging squares becoming incandescent at the core where light shines from within. And So on." -The Tribune 1982
  • "Roop chand is the true devotee of creative Art" The Puspak Time Gurgaon 1987
  • "His works are abstract. The flowing colour acquires shape in his paintings. It is as if the artist has spread the colours on the canvas and allowed them to take natural shape." - The Hindustan Times (Evening edition) 7 Dec.1992
  • "Another Veteran artist and a saintly figure I Haryana Art is Roop Chand. A well know artist of India who belongs to Haryana, but whose artistic skill knows no boundaries. " Haryana Artist" - A Book
  • "In the field of Art and paintings, Roop Chand is not only a name, but also he is an Institute in himself. Under his patronage hundreds of artists developed their skill."
  • "Scoff Veteran Artist Roop Chand -let by gone be by gone- But seriously the Gurgaon Based alumnus of JJ School of Art, associated with city beautiful (Chandigarh) in days when art was vitually nonexistent, instrumental in planting artistic seeds... " - The Hindustan Times 3 July,2004.
  • "His tryst with the press is not new. He wrote his first book of poems Bindu while staying in the press after dumping his well established carrier in early 1972." -The Hindustan times on latest exhibition- October 20, 1911