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Ocean of life-1 1968
Ocean of life-2 1968
Ocean of life-3 1968
Ocean of life-4 1968

Ocean of Life


  • Ocean of life: In 1968, one of his girl friends-(an elderly women), was frightened to see his wired paintings. She asked him, why he had been painting such weird paintings on the subjects 'Women': Specially, when he is surrounded by beautiful girls. He did not reply her question, but he laughed to his heart; and her suggestion went of his mind. But, another girl friend convinced him about the bright side of life. That was the time he painted a canvas "Ocean of life". So the series of the paintings "Ocean of Life" came into existence. This series of painting was exhibited at Jehengir Art Gallery Bombay. Most of these paintings are picked up by art collectors. Some of the paintings from this series are still in his personal collection.