National Art Centre


  • After returning from traveling around aboard in India and in India and abroad, Roop Chand had a project of Kala Nagar in pipeline. Initally Haryana State showed some interest and tried to execute it, but after the death of Mr. B.N. Chakarvarty the then Governor of Haryana, the file of this project caught dust in government offices, so, he decided to set up a small art centre of his own. He came back to his Ceramic Studio at Nimka a country side place at village Dundahera. He reset his cottage and the small shed and began to live there.


    His friends from abroad and Delhi frequented this studio in side at week ends. The local village folks reacted to the activities as if he was an alien. Naturally the phenomenon of modern art was beyond their understanding.

    Formal Declaration

    In 1980, Indo Swiss Time Organisation sponsored the exhibition of his paintings at its premises in Dundahera.b Mr. Charnjeet Chanana minister of Industries inaugurated this exhibition. Roop Chand, formally, declared to establish an art centre. The central and state government assured him all possible help.
  • Apart from his creative pursuits, Roop Chand devoted his spare time to create aesthetic consciousness among the people in his vicinity. He pland organises art activities of the young artists and children at his art centre complex. About 100 young working artists are on the list of art centre, who have been participating in art workshops, exhibitions and seminars at Art Centre Complex.