Creative Paintings

I stand midst the solid rocks watching Bindu invisibly in the Indian pink rocks
You move with the flowing of white sheet of snow among golden air I see you with the minds eye I feel your soft skin in the flow of water
There move your lovers in your pursuit in the natural pyramids
Steep climb. The trackers embark to explore your heights
The five Pandvas move in your Paradise with their dog. The hills change into sparkling play of light and shade.
Singing rocks in white and blue turns into Raga Pahadi Alap Jor Jhalla I feel your presence
I find silence, peace, purity and tangibility of intangibility in white and blue peak in Dhola Dhar
The thick blue air wraps you Oh Kailash Mountain Your peaky forms peep out smilingly in eternal silence
You move beyond the Kailash Mountain into the Mansarover Lake which gives nectar to humanity
Standing at Bombay dock I say I hail you Indian ocean
Between me and the vast stretched Ocean there exist the light shimmering in the air orchestrating serenity in white and blue
On the copper beach he takes a walk with his love and watches the ripples on blue sheet of water
Get sucked into whirling waves My boat tumbles but I am lifted by a white spark
She Sits on the rock and meditates in blue serenity
I land on the island of lovers and watch the three graces
I get up and move in the lovers' lagoons
The sunset in golden colours bring respites to sailors.
The ship embarks on long voyage with the rising dawn
In the scarlet light painted ships are ready to go for journey for peace. Peace, Peace, Peace

I hail you the Himalayas I hail you the Indian Ocean


  • During meditation on Bindu, sprit leaves the body.
    It moves in past, present, and future on unknown aisles on earth,
    It travels to unknown planets in limitless sky. On colourful screen, intangible forms, divine light appears Disturbance. Chaos. Darkness. Then concentration on Bindu. Again colourful screen appears with thousands islands.
    Roads, flora, and fauna Purusha-Prakriti appear on earth What a formation of universe, splitters of sun and God's particles! Silence. Spirit comes back to body.
    Musical flow of colours is in universe.
    The melodious music of colours and intangible forms appears on canvases.
Om. tat Sat.