Creative Paintings

Bindu Series-C1 1998
Bindu Series-C2 1998
Bindu Series-C3 2000
Bindu Series-C4 2000
Bindu Series-C5 1984
Bindu Series-C6 2000
Bindu Series-C8 2000
Bindu Series-C9 2000
Bindu Series-C10 2000
Bindu Series-C11 2000
Bindu Series-C12 2000
Bindu Series-C13 2000
Bindu Series-C14 2000
Bindu Series-C15 2001
Bindu Series-C16 2001
Bindu Series-C17 2001
Bindu Series-C18 2001
Bindu Series-C19 2001
Bindu Series-C20 2001
Bindu Series-C21 1998
Bindu Series-C22 2002
Bindu Series-C23 2002
Bindu Series-C24 2001
Bindu Series-C25 2000
Bindu Series-C26 2002
Bindu Series-C27 1998
Bindu Series-C28 2002
Bindu Series-C29 2000

Bindu Series


  • Bindu: 1971-72 had been crucial time in his life. There was chaos in the public. Students were on war path. He left his cushy position at the home Sc. College Chandigarh and became a student's leader. Every one's man was spirit rebellious. Storm came and then disappeared, but he adopted the path of hardship. Even his dearest girl friend left him. But he love for her changed into sublimation, which became a power point for him. This power point evolved into BINDU. Then onward, he devoted seriously to creativity and came out with 30 paintings which were exhibited in Shridhrani Gallery at Triveni Kala Sangam New Delhi.
  • Bindu-reflection: He exiled him self from Chandigarh -his city beautiful, and camped at Kurukshtra University Krukshetra, Haryana for a year where, he created a memorial of the first president of India. At night he would do sketching. In a year time he did more then 1000 sketches. which he for ceramic tiles. Hundreds of them were utilised in memorial-monument of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, and some he utilized in his paintings, in the following years in Copenhagen which were exhibited in a solo show at Eline Gallery there.